1. Home Page

  2. This is the home page of my site. I establish the theme of the site, add some written content about the purpose of the site, then add a fun, interactive counter. This counter allows users to upvote a featured restaurant (Fodo de Chao this month) as many times as they want. The counter uses a simple incrementation.

  3. Restaurants

  4. This is my Restaurants page. This page includes jQuery where a user can expand and collapse the Restaurant Checker form. This form allows users to type the name of a restaurant and upon submission, they will receive a browser alert letting them know if we've been to that restaurant or not.

  5. Contact

  6. This is the site's contact form. This form allows users to contact us and let us know about their questions, comments, or concerns. The name field and the number field are required. If a user leaves these fields blank, they will receive an error. The user does not have to enter a valid phone number, but the input must be a number.

  7. Register

  8. This is the site's registration page. If there were a server to process submissions, and a databse to hold entries, a user could add their information here, we would add them to a table in our controlled databse, and potentially reach out to them with a newsletter or inquiring about places to eat. A user can submit their information, then Create and Account.

  9. History

  10. This is another one of the site's fun, interactive features. There is a form on this page, with inputs that prompt the user to let us know the last time they went out to eat. We then calculate the time between that day, and today, letting them know how long it's been. On a site like this, a feature like this would be present to encourage users to get out and eat, support their local businesses, and let others know how the food and the experience was!

  11. Gallery

  12. This is the gallery page with a carousel that allows users to cycle photos of the food we've eaten. This is another fun interactive feature that engages our site visitors. The carousel auto-rotates, and once a user clicks an arrow key, they have manual control over the speed of the carousel.